My primary kit is a DW Performance Series kit in the Sapphire Blue finish. I also use Concept Maple kits regularly. Both feature the same sizes, depending on the scenario:

  • 18x22" Bass Drum
  • 6.5x14" Main Snare Drum
  • 5.5x14" Side Snare Drum
  • 7x8" Rack Tom
  • 8x10" Rack Tom
  • 9x12" Rack Tom
  • 14x16" Floor Tom


(All heads by Evans)
I like to switch between coated and clear heads, but currently I use the following configuration:

  • G2 Coated on all toms and snares (top/batter side)
  • G1 Clear on all toms (bottom/resonant side)
  • Hazy 300 on snare resonant
  • EQ3 on kick batter
  • Standard DW head on kick resonant


(All hardware by DW)

  • DW 9000 Series Custom-cut Rack
  • DW 9000 Series Double Bass pedal
  • DW 9500 2-leg hihat stand
  • DW 9300 Snare Stand
  • DW 9100AL Air Lift throne


(All cymbals by Sabian)

I have a collection of Sabian cymbals that I configure for different scenarios,  but at the moment this is my favorite set-up:
A 18" AAX V-Crash
B  14" AAX X-Plosion Fast Crash & 12" HH China Kang
C  14" Artisan Hi-Hats
D  18" Vault Saturation Crash
E8" HH Splash & 8" Chopper
F 6" AA Splash
G 19" HHX X-Treme Crash
H 20" AAX ISO Ride
I19" Paragon China
J 7" HH Radia Cup


(by Pro-Mark)
Cobus Potgieter Signature Sticks, or Rebound 5B Acorn Tip

1 x D6 (kick)

1 x D6 (kick)

1 x D4 (floor tom)

1 x D4 (floor tom)

2 x SCX25A's (overheads)

2 x SCX25A's (overheads)

3 x Micro-D's (rack toms)

3 x Micro-D's (rack toms)

2 x CX-212B's (room mics)

2 x CX-212B's
(room mics)

4 x i5's (main and side snares, tops and bottoms)

4 x i5's (main and side snares, tops and bottoms)


In-Ear Monitors

All in-ears by Alclair
Main: 1x Spire (6-driver, pictured above)

Backup: 1x CMVK (5-driver), 1x Tour (Triple Driver)


(by Mythlogic)
MYTHLOGIC Phobos 1715 Chassis (Clevo P770ZM)
Mobile Display: 17.3" Full HD (1920x1080) Matte 72% NTSC Color Gamut LED Backlit
CPU: Intel Core i7­4790S 4.40GHz, 8MB Cache, Quad Core Processor, Unlocked Devils Canyon (88W)
System Memory: 32GB (4 x 8GB) , PC3­14900 1866MHz SODIMM, CL10
Video Adapter: nVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M 8GB GDDR5
OS HDD: 2 x m.2 Slots 1 Crucial MX200 500GB m.2 SATA III 6GB/s Solid State Drive (in RAID 0)
Storage Drive 1: Crucial MX200 1TB SATA III 6GB/sec
Storage Drive 2: Crucial MX200 1TB SATA III 6GB/sec
Network Card: Onboard Gigabit (10/100/1000Mbits/sec) LAN subsystem
Wireless Card: Intel Centrino Advanced­AC 7265 2*2 802.11 ac/a/b/g/n + BT 4.0 350/867MB Total Bandwidth
OS: Windows 10 Pro 64bit


(by GoPro)
10 x GoPro Hero 3+ Cameras
10 x Jaws: Flex Clamps
10 x 64GB Lexar® MicroSDXC Memory Cards


Audio recording & mixing: Cubase 9
Video editing & compositing: MAGIX Vegas Pro 15